Chiropractic Testimonials

"I saw Dr. Walter and it was the best adjustment I have ever had. He just has a natural gift and talent and now my excruciating hip and leg pain is gone!"

- Bridgette L.

"I'm a patient that is hard to adjust properly. But Dr. Walters just knew exactly what I needed as if I had seen him for years. My headaches and neck pain are gone. My wife says I'm easier to get along with so I highly recommend him!"

- Jerry M.

"I have tried others in Hattiesburg but Dr. Walters is the best I have ever had to adjust me. I felt immediate relief of hip and leg pain! Dr. Walters keeps me going!"

- Sarah P.

"I had two back surgeries that didn't help. The orthopedic doctors said there was nothing they could do but painkillers. The doctors at Peavy took all my pain away and I am amazed and grateful. I just wish I would have come in sooner before I had the two surgeries. I now have my life back thanks to Peavy."

- Mary B.P.

"I was in bed for 9 weeks with excruciating low back and leg pain after a severe auto accident. I had no life before Peavy because I could barely walk. I was on so many drugs from MDs and a Fentanyl patch equal to 80mg of morphine per day, but it didn't touch my pain. They told me I would have to live with the pain because I also have MS. After 3 weeks of painless treatment at Peavy Clinic, my pain was gone! I would be in a wheelchair now if not for Peavy Clinic. I now have my life back and have no back pain at all! If you are in pain call Peavy. Don't wait and suffer so long as I did."

- LaWanda S.

"I had migraine headaches and I'm 10 years old. My mother says I had headaches since I learned to talk. My grades went down and I couldn't do things with other kids like spend the night and play sports. The doctors at Peavy found the problem in my neck from a car accident when I was two and now my headaches are gone. I don't sit in dark rooms anymore with those old bad headaches. I got all A's and I can play with my friends now. The treatment didn't hurt at all. I want to be a chiropractor doctor one day."

- Estelle G.

"My whole life revolved around whether my back and leg hurt or not. The pain was horrible! The other doctors were talking about surgery and I was so scared and desperate. Dr. Peavy was wonderful and took all the time needed to explain my problem from a fall off a horse years ago. I could see the bad rotation in my pelvis on the X-rays. I'm doing fine now with no pain, I have started my own business. It's like they have given me the life I always wanted, and I'm very thankful."

- Ann G.

"I had severe neck pain radiating down to my arm and hand. I had neck fusion surgery but that didn't help much. I had pinched nerves in my neck he showed me on the X-Rays. The doctor was able to work around the surgery and get the pressure off the nerves and after a few weeks, I was almost pain-free! I now have no neck and arm pain and I can use my arm again in my work. If you have neck and arm pain call Peavy Clinic. Don't wait and suffer as I did."

- Bruce B.

"I had a throbbing pain in my left knee for approximately four months. The degree of pain was irregular and my knee was sometimes swollen and gave way while I was walking. I had seen an orthopedist and was told I might have rheumatoid arthritis. The treatment I received was a wrapping, crutches, fluid removal, and injection of dye. I was still hurting so my mother took me to see Dr. Peavy. He made x-rays and found that my knee had been knocked out of alignment. I have been having my knee adjusted regularly and have improved very much. I don’t have any more pain and have full use of my knee."

- Ryan R.

"I have been suffering from severe neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, lower back pain, and loss of arm strength due to several car accidents I have been in. Two weeks after my first adjustment I woke up one morning, stood up, and realized that I did not have a headache! I haven't woken up or went to bed without a headache in 11 years! What a joy to turn my head with no pain and have my arm strength back! The staff and doctors at the Peavy Chiropractic Clinic are outstanding in their field!"

- Deborah S.

"I suffered from lower back pain. I live in the Hattiesburg area. When I came to the Peavy Clinic, l could not stand without assistance. Due to a fall a few months earlier, my lower back snapped one day and my body was deformed. My spine was in an 'S' shape and my hip had started to rotate around. The pain in my lower back kept me in tears. I was not able to work for three weeks and it took five months to really get me 'straight' again. I had heard about traction and didn't want any part of it. My son-In-law suggested chiropractic therapy because he had been going to one for years. The wonderful thing about chiropractic is no drugs.

The doctor examined me and took X-rays. He told me that my spine had started to curve and that my hips had started to rotate. Ice was prescribed for the swelling in conjunction with daily adjustments. My body started to straighten up after a week of adjustments. No ruptures or reason for surgery was found in the X-rays. I love golf. My game is limited because soreness starts to set in, but I can still play 18 holes. While playing golf, I am a little slower and I walk nine and ride nine. After three weeks of adjustments, I could go back to work. I will always have a weak back, but regular adjustments strengthen my back and deter future problems.

After my frightening experience, I highly recommend chiropractic care. If surgery is not warranted, this procedure is the best. l don't like medication and it's not a part of chiropractic treatment."

- Marty R.

"I had severe pain in my lower back and down my right leg. I cannot explain how much pain I had. I used a walking cane and my husband and daughter had to hold me in order for me to move or walk. I came into Dr. Peavy's office on a Monday, and Thursday I walked in alone. Everyone stared at me and said I didn't seem to be the same person.

I have gotten faster relief and feel better than ever before. I have been in the hospital for traction five different times for this same back trouble. After trying this Chiropractic treatment, I doubt I'll go into the hospital for traction again. As I was in terrible pain I called a friend to explain why I couldn't go to work; at once she said, 'Cora, you should think about seeing a chiropractor.' After hearing about Dr. Peavy, I decide to go to see him. Now, I'm glad I did.

Dr. Peavy first told me that he had to take X-rays of me to see what my problem was. He found a pinched nerve that was causing the pain in my back and down my leg. He recommended a series of treatments. I am so pleased that I followed the doctor's orders and I will always use Chiropractic for my back pains. One of my hobbies is driving and going places. After five treatments I drove to Jackson, MS which is better than 180 miles round trip. I didn't have pain nor did my leg give way on me.

There is no pain in my back now. After one short week, I felt as though I had a new back. I would like to ask anyone with a back problem to see a Chiropractor at once."

- Cora M.

"I suffered from back, shoulder, head, and neck pain. I live in the Ellisville area. I had excruciating pain in my upper back, shoulders, neck, and head. The pain was primarily on my left side down in my arm and hand. My hands and fingers were numb. I started hurting even worse when my handicapped son slipped getting into the bathtub and I caught him. I had been to other doctors but without getting much help. One medical doctor ran an EKG and did some blood work and told me to come back in two months and check on it again and to keep taking my heart medication. One of the doctors l went to did not even tell me to come back. l am so thankful for the television advertisement about the Peavy Clinic.

I called the Peavy Clinic and got in to see the doctor 45 minutes from the time l called. I was hurting so bad that I had a friend to drive me. It hurt just to ride and there was no way I could drive. My friend drove me every day for 2 and a half weeks. I told the people in the insurance department that I would try this treatment for two weeks and see would I improve. I was very impressed with everyone at the clinic because of their friendliness and deep concern. The doctor told me that he would examine and X-ray me to see if he could help me. I was in so much pain that I had to have help getting dressed for the exam and x-rays. I had such loving care that I was impressed and appreciative.

When I had my consultation the next day, I was expecting the worse. The doctor told me that I had two vertebrae misaligned. This misalignment was causing pressure or pinching of the nerves and this was causing all my discomfort. One of the vertebra or disc had started degenerating because of a lack of treatment. He recommended a series of treatments that would help me but it was going to take time. I was so full of medication from other doctors that I was dizzy. I was so glad that something could be done because I don't like taking medicine.

I love to read but I could not hold anything long enough to read. After 6 weeks of treatments, the pain was gone. My left side had been numb for 16 and a half years due to an auto accident and suddenly I realized that one wasn't numb anymore. Even though I had seen other doctors, I have never followed a treatment plan before and I think this is very important.

I hate taking medication because of the 725 approved active ingredients, some 300,000 over-the-counter medications and vitamins have been formulated; yet Dr. James Todd of the AMA says "there is no totally safe medication known to man." Last year $12 billion was spent in America alone on these drugs. Just think how much more relief they could have gotten if they had used ice packs and chiropractic care. It‘s much more economical and has no side effects."

- Josie L. 


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